If you are a tax professional then we will advise you to become a registered tax return preparer. Why? Become an RTRP? It is the most common and general question asked by the people from us.
We extremely recommend anyone in the tax preparation arena become an RTRP unless they are now a CPA, attorney or EA.  An RTRP designation will enable you to
  • Have the ability to promote and supervise other tax return preparers.>
  • Have job security. 
If you are an RTRP, this title allows you the ability to work anywhere and provides you the freedom to work for yourself.  If you work for a preparer and you are not an RTRP, you don’t have the capability to change jobs as easily.  I have heard many employers telling their employees, you don’t need an RTRP designation because you work for me.  DO NOT FALL FOR THIS CAREER TRAP!  You need the RTRP term on your resume and it makes you more treasured to your employer or any future employer.  Pass the RTRP exam today! Join our highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of tax and prepare for the RTRP exam.